great coffee helpsTM

This is far more than a mere advertising slogan.

It’s an ethos that is woven into every aspect of the Esquires organisation.

Great coffee is what we do; every cup must conform to the most exacting standards. But our promise doesn’t end there. We serve great coffee to our customers with the aim of then being able to help our community. We give customers the opportunity to donate to Kids @ heart Charity, contributing to their much needed funds.

At Esquires we’re not trying to change the world. We just want to make a difference. Which is why, cup by cup, we (and you) are helping hard-working growers and local charities the best way we can. It’s only a small step, but it’s a start.

  • We are proud to be the first franchised coffee house in New Zealand using 100% certified Fairtrade organic beans in all of our coffee based beverages*.
  • We are proud to be a sponsor of the children’s charity Kids @ Heart

Founded in 1993 in Vancouver, Esquires Coffee Houses has grown into a thriving brand with a presence in New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland and North America. The first New Zealand store opened in May 2002 and we have quickly become the fastest growing coffee house franchise in New Zealand, with more than 45 stores currently situated throughout the country and plenty more planned.

We are a vibrant retailer providing gourmet and speciality coffee around the world, coffee houses that challenge the borders of traditional coffee culture. Our service levels set us apart and you can count on that commitment to quality, visit after visit.

This is far more than a mere advertising slogan. It's an ethos that's woven into every aspect of the Esquires organisation.

Starting the day with a cup of coffee has been a global obsession for centuries and there are few beverages as satisfying and heart warming as a freshly made cup of coffee!

In today’s busy world, people are finding themselves looking towards establishments away from home to fulfil their coffee needs. So, we focus on providing those people with what they want and deserve - a vibrant, friendly environment committed to quality and value. Our stores are designed with you in mind - we recognise that our customers are discerning people who expect a lot both in terms of the product they buy and the environment in which it is delivered.

The secret is balancing the right mix of all elements including a comfortable and up to date environment, excellent variety and of course, the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Some of the things we offer:

  • Exceptional beverages
  • Friendly, comfortable, warm atmosphere
  • Impressive service
  • Free WiFi Internet access with any purchase
  • Large plasma screen in most stores
  • The latest magazines