Ground fresh to your cup every time.

The essence of our coffee is our 100% Fairtrade Organic arabica custom-blended and custom-roasted coffee beans from Papua New Guinea and Mexico, made to perfection and served to the highest possible standards.

Our coffee beans are ground fresh to your cup every time using the latest in barista technology to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.

Then your beverage is prepared to the highest possible standards and always served with our trademark warm, friendly and responsive service.

Every item on our drinks menu is made from the freshest, top quality ingredients.


Because we are so passionate about the quality of the experience we deliver to our customers, a vital ingredient to providing that excellence is guaranteeing all our coffee is roasted fresh in New Zealand. Our coffee is delivered to our stores several times a week to ensure the coffee you drink is always as fresh as it can possibly be.

We are also passionate about the people who grow the beans we cherish so highly and the environment in which the beans are grown, hence our adoption of the rules that govern Fairtrade in Coffee and Organic Growing. All our espresso beverages, with the exception of decaf, are made using Fairtrade Organic beans.

So grab a coffee and taste the goodness of Esquires Premium or Dark blend roasts.